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Investigating the human sensory brainstem with MRI

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Imaging the human subcortical auditory system

I’m a neuroscientist studying subcortical structures in the human brain that process sensory stimuli. I am currently a research assistant professor at Northwestern University in the Roxelyn and Richard Pepper Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. I was previously a research scientist at the Sound Brain Lab at the University of Pittsburgh. I’m funded by an NIH K01 Mentored Career Development award (1K01DC019421-01A1) entitled “Investigating human non-lemniscal inferior colliculus contributions to auditory learning with 7T MRI” (2022–2027).

You can find me on mastodon, Bluesky, GitHub, and ResearchGate.

I’m also a member of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping Communication Committee, serving as Committee Chair in 2023–24. I previously produced the OHBM Neurosalience podcast, and contributed to OHBM blog posts.


Connections between the human subcortical auditory structures, as estimated by diffusion-weighted MRI tractography of a post mortem sample.


A terrifying creature lurking in a T2*-weighted anatomical MRI of the same post mortem sample….